Our vision

Our mountain area is a creation of the Plan Neige program introduced in the 60s, which aimed to maintain populations in mountain areas through the massive development of winter sports.

Its deployment on the Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry massif enabled a long phase of expansion, with the implementation of considerable resources to meet the architectural and technical challenges of mountain development.

For more than 50 years, we've welcomed millions of visitors to discover the joys of skiing, the peaks and exceptional landscapes, and enabled many local people to live and work close to the mountains.

Today, between a growing environmental awareness and a flourishing tourism model, we are navigating this heritage, the need and desire to do better, and a growing sense of urgency.

In the face of global warming, the collapse of biodiversity worldwide and the depletion of resources, we believe it is urgent to reconnect with nature and its rhythms, capacities and limits.

Our first responsibility is towards our territory. Its natural spaces, its inhabitants and its quality of life, which depend in part on our activity and its continuity, in winter and summer. But we can do more.

Our industrial model must be seized as an opportunity to influence each and every one of the millions of visitors we receive, to provide a safe, supervised experience of altitude, to inspire wonder and raise awareness.

We accept our imperfections, but we pledge to act with determination and to give our best.

Our mission

Since 1968, ADS has been a company of craftsmen serving a common fruit of which we are the custodians, not the owners: the Montagne Area Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and Villaroger. Committed to ensuring the prosperity of this area, its ecosystem and the people who live there, we and our teams are working to transform our businesses and our practices in order to...

Faced with the perils that today threaten the balance of this unique and fragile ecosystem: global warming, mass tourism, unreasonable development and artificialisation of land, polluting mobility, collapse of biodiversity and depletion of resources.

First of all through our practices as employers and as a responsible company, but also by diversifying our activities, so that tourist flows increasingly benefit the local economy, to strengthen the resilience and autonomy of the region in the long term.

By ensuring that they are respectful of nature and that the emotions and knowledge they provide contribute to raising awareness of the environment.