High-altitude forests

Malgovert Giants

πŸ“ Arc 1600

Welcome to a mountain area, where learning and play meet in the heart of nature! For some years now, an educational dimension has been systematically integrated into the creation of our new areas, and this brand-new playground nestled in the forest is no exception. Its forest environment offers a unique opportunity to educate young and old alike about the wonders of the mountains.

How do high-altitude
forests function? What are the special features of this mountain ecosystem? What role do the various animal species play? This experience will allow you to explore in depth these forests, which are essential to the preservation of our natural environment.

The melting of glaciers

The Varet Glacier

πŸ“ Arc 2000

At the top of the Varet cable car, a new glacier area is being unveiled. It's a place where skiers can learn more about the glacier that bears its name and learn more about the glaciers that surround them.

An exhibition to raise awareness of how the Varet glacier has evolved over time and the issues surrounding its existence.

The installation fits in with the architecture of the site and the natural environment, inviting visitors to pause for a moment. A suspended moment that aims to educate, inspire and encourage reflection on our shared responsibility towards nature.

Mountain waste

Panoramic terraces

Litter is a major issue when it comes to respecting our environment and keeping the mountain area clean, so we've decided to remove the bins from the area. The aim of this initiative is to encourage our visitors to take their rubbish back down to the area, and to prevent it being blown away by the wind, preserving the natural beauty of our slopes.

The panoramic terraces provide an ideal setting for educating young and old while enjoying spectacular views. We strongly believe that this approach will promote greater environmental awareness among our skiers and snowboarders, helping to preserve our mountain playground for future generations.

Mountain flora and fauna

Mountain Animal Museum

πŸ“ Peisey-Vallandry

Featuring more than 30 species, this unique, open-access museum is an invitation to discover the animals and flora of our mountains, while raising visitors' awareness of the need to protect them. Through an educational and entertaining experience, we aim to awaken an environmental conscience in our visitors. Designed and built in close collaboration with the Vanoise National Park, this museum is also a place for educational meetings with Park experts.

Hauts de Villaroger National Nature Reserve

The Aiguille Rouge viewing platform

πŸ“ Arc 2000

Designed in collaboration with the Hauts de Villaroger National Nature Reserve in 2018, the Aiguille Rouge Viewing platform offers an amazing view and an educational trail to discover the species of flora and fauna that nest in the heart of this exceptional environment.

These suspended moments of immersion help to educate our visitors by bringing them closer to the natural elements.


Behind the scenes of the snow

πŸ“ Arc 2000

Our snowmaking isn't just about technique, it's also a place for sharing ideas about how our production works and how sustainable it is. How is snow made? What is the purpose of snowmaking? And how does our production process help to minimise our impact on the environment?

Our experts will be on hand to tell you more about snow, how it's made and used on our resort, and how we integrate environmental awareness into every snowflake we produce.