The Transarc metamorphosis project

The mountain area has set itself the ambition of reviving the emblematic link between Arc 1800 and the summits.

More than a rebirth, it's a metamorphosis that will continue until December 2024.

The first phase of this major project was to facilitate access to the ski area. This was successfully achieved with the design of a reception, advice and sales area at the foot of the pistes and the installation of a modern escalator to facilitate access to the start of the Transarc.

Next winter, the new Transarc will be modernised with an emblematic gondola lift:

  • Spacious cabins with 10 comfortable seats

  • An ascent time cut in half (13 min)

  • Optimised electricity consumption

  • Photovoltaic potential exploited with the installation of 600 panels

At the summit, a 360° panorama and a panoramic terrace will create a whole new space for contemplation. It's an invitation for all visitors to lose themselves in the infinite landscapes, letting their minds wander to the rhythm of dancing clouds and stretching horizons.

And to discover: A mineral gallery at the intermediary

Journée du 15 avril

From Monday 15 April until the ski area closes on Saturday 27 April, access to the different sectors of the ski area from Arc 1800 will be via the Villards gondola, the Carreley chairlift or the Vagère chairlift. The Transarc sales point will remain open and the ski slope itineraries will not change.
Pedestrians will be able to use the inter-station shuttles to access Arc 2000 and the activities in the area.

A partir du 6 juillet

Transarc will be closed for the summer:

In addition, the mountain resort will open the following lifts at Arc 1800 and Arc 2000 in order to access the different sectors of the resort:

  • Villards gondola + Carreley chairlift (ascents + descents)

  • Vagère chairlift (uphill only)

  • Bois de l'ours chairlift (uphill + downhill)

The Transarc sales point will be open and accessible as soon as the ski area opens on the weekend of 6 and 7 July.