A space to raise of glaciers opens on the Varet terrace

At the top of the Varet cable car, a new glacier area is being unveiled. It's a place where skiers can learn more about the glacier that bears its name and learn more about the glaciers that surround them.

An exhibition to raise awareness of how the Varet glacier has evolved over time and the issues surrounding its existence.

The installation fits in with the architecture of the site and the natural environment, inviting visitors to pause for a moment. A suspended moment that aims to educate, inspire and encourage reflection on our shared responsibility towards nature.

Changing use of the ski slope

The latest studies show that the melting of the permafrost (frozen ground on the glacier) is having an impact on the solidity of the infrastructure of the red slope on this emblematic summit.
Faced with these realities, it's our responsibility to act and adapt. We have decided not to carry out any of the improvements and reinforcements initially planned for the red slope on the Varet glacier. All the structures on the piste will be dismantled.

The site of the Aiguille Rouge, the highest peak in the area, will therefore be accessible to good skiers and pedestrians. Visitors will be able to enjoy an exceptional view of the highest Alpine peaks from the Aiguille Rouge footbridge, which overlooks the Hauts de Villaroger Nature Reserve. Skiers can then enjoy a natural descent on a safe, ungroomed black slope.