Saype "At the Peak" of His Art for Paradiski's 20th Anniversary

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Paradiski has commissioned French painter/land artist Saype to create two monumental frescoes on snow in the middle of the mountains, a challenge as much artistic as technical.

In the very near future, the artist will bring his art to life on the snowy slopes of Paradiski with the creation of two gigantic ephemeral frescoes with a unique concept: located in two places and responding to each other.

"It's an opportunity to create a creative and poetic challenge, in an immense, pure and immaculate natural setting. Snow is a complicated and challenging medium to work with. And above all, part of my work consists in connecting people, so the project proposed by Paradiski for its anniversary totally echoes my work." - Saype

Who is French Land Artist Saype?

In each artistic creation, Saype delicately captures the societal challenges we all face. Since 2012, he has been bringing this vision to life through imposing frescoes deployed on a variety of media including grass, earth, sand and snow, spreading his message across iconic cities around the globe such as New York, Paris, Venice, Geneva and many others.

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