Beyond the pioneering spirit which fills the village of Arc 1600, this part of the mountain area remains quite well preserved, even discreet. Last winter, something new has emerged from the ground to grow up between the trees in the Malgovert forest, halfway down the Mont Blanc piste.


Everyone at some time has been surprised to make out animal or human silhouettes while looking at clouds or scenery. Inspired by this pareidolia, almost optical illusions, and the diversity of shapes, contours and reliefs which make up the mountain scenery, the ski area has designed a terrace and play area out of the ordinary. This is how three wooden Giants come to be standing more than 7m tall at the side of the blue “Mont Blanc” piste.

In both winter and summer, these forest characters willingly encourage curious youngsters to climb their full height and width both inside and out! Fitted with climbing walls, doors, platforms, giant jackstraws, gangways and ropework nests, Malgovert Giants or wooden mazes enable the youngest ones to explore their first sensations of height and balance, in such a privileged setting as the Arc 1600 forest.


For several years now, the mountain area has been automatically including an educational element in its thinking when designing a new area. This new play area, hidden in the forest, is no exception to this ambition and lends itself particularly well to raising awareness through its woodland setting. How do forests work? What are the specificities of such an ecosystem at altitude? What role is played by the different species of tree? Children and parents will both be able to learn more about these mountain forests which are essential to the preservation of the natural environment.

New this summer!

New ! Accessible by a fun path, the forest's protectors await you for a journey filled with magic and adventure. The Malgovert Giant are accessible from the Cachette chairlift via a footpath.

Accessible to pedestrians from 6th of July from the top of Cachette charlifte.