4 experiences between 2 700m & 3 226m

Before reaching the high point of the Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry area, the summit of the Aiguille Rouge at 3226m, you'll be able to take some time to relax, reflect and enjoy the moment with:

  • 10 minutes to wander around the extraordinary sights of the Illuminated Murals of the Aiguille Rouge

  • Experience a descent of over 2700m for the first time with the breath-taking Aiguille Rouge Zipline.

  • Stop for a last-minute picnic, lunch, or snack at the Varet panoramic terrace. At 2700m this is the highest picnic spot in the whole area, at the bottom of the Aiguille Rouge cable car.

  • Disconnect completely while gazing at the stunning high mountain views from the Aiguille Rouge viewing platform, La Passerelle (3226m)

🚵 If you are biking, you will have to leave your bike at the bottom of the Varet gondola.

The Illuminated Murals ot the Aiguille Rouge

What if it was possible to transform the garage of a cable car (the nocturnal shelter which protects the cabins from high mountain conditions) into something new? What would it be?

At the end of the Varet cable car, there's an unsuspected spot hidden from view, which every morning undergoes a transformation and dons its costume of light. The 500m2 of the Varet cabin garage has been transformed into an extraordinary experience at altitude. An unexpected passageway reveals a triptych of worlds in which visitors are invited to wander, listen and contemplate light frescoes revolving around the seasons.

Free access 📍 Summit of the Varet cable car, Arc 2000

This unusual location is home to a dazzling light show which makes for a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Aiguille Rouge Zipline

What if you pushed the door of the Aiguille Rouge Zipline ? This one is perched at an altitude of more than 2600m. Who has never dreamed of flying like a bird?

You will be able to spread your wings for a flight of more than 1.8km at more than 130km/h, lying down, sitting, alone or in duo!

An adventure filled with adrenaline that is nonetheless contemplative.

📍 Summit of the Varet cable car, Arc 2000

Thanks to the PARADISKI YUGE app, you can use your phone to collect a photo of your take-off and landing when you visit the chalet at the bottom of the zipline.


The panoramic terrace of Varet is the highest of the area, it is located at more than 2700m of altitude, at the arrival of the Varet gondola in Arc 2000!

You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding alpine summits, and learn more about them thanks to an orientation table at your disposal. The view is also plunging on the descent of the Zipline, so, the less reckless companions will be able to contemplate this unforgettable moment.

On the terrace, a new glacier awareness area was unveiled this year. It's a place where visitors can learn more about the glacier that shares its name and learn more about the glaciers that surround them.

Also, an eco-responsible high altitude coffee welcomes you for a well-deserved break.

📍 Summit of the Varet gondola, Arc 2000

The Aiguille Rouge viewing platform

At the top of the cable car, you can enjoy the Aiguille Rouge Viewing Platform. It extends over several tens of meters and is bordered by a glass guardrail at the end of each of the overhangs to contemplate the exceptional beauty of this place.

Designed in collaboration with the Upper Villaroger National Nature Reserve in 2018, it offers an amazing view where visitors can learn about the species of flora and fauna which nestle at the heart of this exceptional setting.

📍 Summit of the Aiguille Rouge cable car, Arc 2000